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Training By Dell Schanze

Super Training is Dell Schanze’s 10-Day training that will take you from nothing to a master paramotor pilot. Dell works hands on with you teaching you every little thing you need to know!

Dell is the WPPGA World Champion and the Glider Control Champion. He has been flying paramotors since 1998 and has over 12,000 flights. He has done everything from hardcore acro to long cross country, and everything else in the middle.

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Over 700 Students Trained

Dell Schanze has personally trained over 700 students since he started his training. Super Training is one of the largest paramotor training school in the world with people flying from all around the world to train with Dell personally.

Beyond just his students, Dell has trained all four of his kids, his wife, his bother, his nephews, and his niece all to fly as well.

Started in 2002

Dell Schanze started Super Training back in 2002 to provide a training school that actually taught students how to fly!

He wanted to make sure that new pilots could get the training they need to have a really fun and safe time!

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Super Training is 10-days. The goal of the first 6-8 are on building glider control skill, and the last 2-4 are on getting as many flights as possible!

In August 2018 Super Lee got 530 flights in his first 10 days of training!

In 2014 Super Tom got 271 flights without stopping for a break!


Corpus Christi, Texas

Location is the most important piece of learning to fly a paramotor. For Super Training, we travel from Utah all the way to Corpus Christi, Texas just to train.

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While at Super Training, we do NOT limit how far you can progress. If you are ready for more, we help you get there.

We help students perform light acro, tandems, spot landings, and more aggressive turns all within their first 10-day if they are ready!

FREE Unlimited Training

After your first Super Training class, we do not charge you anything to come back to as many training’s as you want. We want to help you progress in skill as much as we can!

Call: (800-707-2525)

Super Training Cost

The Cost Of Super Training is $4,500.

However, $2,000 of that $4,500 is credit that can be used towards equipment. The equipment credit never expires.

Which means, after you make the purchase of equipment, the true cost of the training was only $2,500 which includes everything below.

Included In The Cost

  • 11 Nights Lodging in Texas
  • Rental Cars While at Training
  • Unlimited Use of all our training equipment
  • 100% of any equipment damages covered by US
  • $2,000 credit towards equipment

 Call: (800-707-2525)

Class Dates

January 17 – 28 (FULL)

May 8 – 19 (FULL)

June 5 – 16 (FULL)

September 11 – 22 (FULL)

November 6 – 17 (Space Still Available)

Each Super Training class is capped at 15 students and typically books up 30 to 60 day’s in advance.

Age & Weight Requirements:

Weight: Under 325

Age: Under 65

How To Sign Up?

Signing up for Super Training is easy!

Give us a call and speak to someone who actually helps do the training!

Call: (800-707-2525)

Dell or Trevor are available over the phone 14 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer any of your questions and guide you in the right direction!

Call: (800-707-2525) today!

What Students Say About Super Training!

“All the way from the UK
I would not hesitate in recommending whatsoever I went out for 10 days of training in November 2019 the training is phenomenal I have learned so much As a newly qualified free flight paragliding pilot my main reason for going out was for glider control the skills I have now would give MOST a run for their money. Super Training all the way”

Super Tony

“By far the best paramotors, paraglider, and training ever in this sport. Dell is so knowledgeable about everything and trains you to really have incredible skills. His gear is top notch and nothing can come anywhere near as good.”

Super Trevor

I took SuperTraining in April 2020. It was Freakin Awesome. Dell and staff were very professional and was focused on the training of all of us. The Condo we were put in was fantanstic and very clean and cozy. Thank you guys…

Super Bart


Super Training class November 6-17, 2020 is BOOKING UP FAST!

If you are ready to take your first flight, do NOT hesitate to sign up.

 Call: (800-707-2525) and reserve your spot TODAY.


Super Training is a true “No Brainer” for anyone looking to get into flying paramotors!

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