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Flat Top Paramotors

It’s time to turn that lifelong dream of flying, into a reality!


  • Fly Where YOU Want When YOU Want To – The best part about flying paramotors is that you don’t have to make a flight log or radio to a tower! You can go wherever YOU want to go when YOU want to! 


  • No License Needed – Another amazing part about paramotors is that you don’t have to spend 12 months and thousands of dollars getting a license! There is no license needed to fly a paramotor!


  • Fit’s In Your Car – With the new innovative design of the Flat Top Paramotor, you can pack your entire aircraft down into the trunk of your Prius in only 1 minute and 56 seconds! The simple 5 piece cage design makes it effortless to break it down and assemble in minutes!


  • Travel Over 100 Miles – With the new Flat Top paramotor, pilots can fly for over 4 hours and 100 miles on a single tank of gas!


  • ANYBODY Can Fly Them – The best part about paramotors is that almost ANYONE from the ages of 12-68 can fly with ease!


  • EXTREMELY SAFE – The new Flat Top Paramotor has revolutionized paramotor safety! With over 304 safety updates over competing paramotors, flying a Flat Top is WAY safer than driving to work every morning!










    With a paramotor, you are free to do what you want to do when you want to do it!


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    Safe paramotor equipment and training!

    Paramotor Super Training

      Super Training is one of the longest-lasting and most in-depth paramotor training schools in the world with over 1038 students!

      • 10-Day’s
      • Run by Dell Schanze & Trevor Steele
      • 1038 students since we started in 2002
      • 50-100 hours of real hands-on training
      • All training is one on one
      • All gear is provided during the training
      • We cover any damages to our gear during the training
      • FREE Unlimited training after your first class

      Flat Top Paramotors

        The Flat Top Paramotor is the leading paramotor in the industry for safety, strength, and durability!

        • 56 Pounds dry
        • 2-4 Hour flight time
        • 50-100 Mile range
        • 600 Pound carry capacity
        • 50-100 Foot launch distance
        • 10-30 Foot landing distance
        • Manufactured in Utah
        • $7,995 Base price

        Dominator Paraglider

        The Dominator is the biggest advancement in paragliding history.

        The Dominator offers a great balance between extreme safety and crazy performance.

        The Dominator is built to be a perfect all-around paraglider for every type of flying you’re looking to do.

        Here’s What A Few Of Our 1038 Students Have To Say!

        “All the way from the UK
        I would not hesitate in recommending whatsoever I went out for 10 days of training in November 2019 the training is phenomenal I have learned so much As a newly qualified free flight paragliding pilot my main reason for going out was for glider control the skills I have now would give MOST a run for their money. Super Training all the way”

        Super Tony

        “By far the best paramotors, paraglider, and training ever in this sport. Dell is so knowledgeable about everything and trains you to really have incredible skills. His gear is top notch and nothing can come anywhere near as good.”

        Super Trevor

        “I have over a year on the flat top now. I love it. I have abused and crashed and done everything you can imagine on the thing. It’s incredibly durable incredibly safe and so much fun”

        Super Tyler

        Call NOW To Get Started:

        (800) 707-2525