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Paramotor Adventures Are Waiting For You.

It’s time to turn that life long dream of flying, into a reality. With the new Flat Top Paramotor from Dell Schanze, the world is your’s to explore.

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The Ultimate Aircraft For Anyone.

  • Fly Where YOU Want To – With a paramotor/powered paraglider, you do not need to have a flight pattern or radio into a tower. You go where you want to when you want to!


  • No License Needed – There are no licenses and very few regulations pilots have to follow.


  • Fit’s In Your Car – The Flat Top Paramotor breaks down as small as a large suitcase in as little as 1 minute and 54 seconds. No need for a trailer or truck to carry.


  • Travel Over 100 Miles on one tank of gas and up to 18,000 feet.


  • ANYBODY Can Fly Them – Paramotors are physically easy and fairly simple to learn how to fly. Whether you are an athlete or not you can easily fly a paramotor. You do not need any prior flight experience either. 


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Paramotor Super Training

Super Training is Dell Schanze’s 10-day paramotor/powered paraglider, training down in Corpus Christi, Texas!

All training gear, lodging, rental cars, and equipment damages paid for by US not YOU!

Since 2002 Dell Schanze has trained over 700+ students. Many have gone on to set world records and are some of the top pilots in the world.

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Flat Top Paramotors

The Flat Top 200R Paramotor is the SAFEST paramotor in the world. Designed, tested, and manufactured by Dell Schanze, the Flat Top Paramotor has over 304 unique safety updates.

The Flat Top Paramotor achieves record-breaking performance, build quality, reliability, safety, and durability.

The Flat Top is manufactured out of Salt Lake City, Utah by the oldest ultralight manufacturer and is powered by the Minari 200.

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Dominator Paraglider

The Dominator is the biggest advancement in paragliding history. There has never before been a paraglider that is so capable as the Dominator.

The performance of the Dominator can keep up with acro, free-flying, and cross country gliders all without sacrificing any of its safety. The Dominator has an 8-1 glide ratio and a 51MPH top speed.

Safety is our priority and the Dominator holds the highest level of safety possible. Rated an EN-A, the Dominator makes flying safe, and fun.

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What Our Students Have To Say!

“All the way from the UK
I would not hesitate in recommending whatsoever I went out for 10 days of training in November 2019 the training is phenomenal I have learned so much As a newly qualified free flight paragliding pilot my main reason for going out was for glider control the skills I have now would give MOST a run for their money. Super Training all the way”

Super Tony

“By far the best paramotors, paraglider, and training ever in this sport. Dell is so knowledgeable about everything and trains you to really have incredible skills. His gear is top notch and nothing can come anywhere near as good.”

Super Trevor

“I have over a year on the flat top now. I love it. I have abused and crashed and done everything you can imagine on the thing. It’s incredibly durable incredibly safe and so much fun”

Super Tyler

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