Flat Top Paramotor Pricing

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The Flat Top Paramotor package is the best “bang for your buck” package you can get! It includes every possible item you will need to get into the sport!

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Full Breakdown:

Super Training $4,500.00
Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Reserve Parachute $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Training DISCOUNT -$1,000.00
Upfront Discount -$600.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $16,544.00

Now let’s take a closer look.

Super Training

Super Training is Dell Schanze 10-day paramotor training course down in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dell has been running Super Training since 2002 and has trained over 700 students.

Included in the training:

  • 11 Nights lodging
  • Unlimited equipment use
  • We cover 100% of any damages done to our gear
  • Free unlimited continued training after your first class

Flat Top 200R

The Flat Top 200R is the pinnacle of the Flat Top Paramotor lineup. It is ranked the #1 safest paramotor in the world.

56 Pounds Dry

Powered by the Minari 200cc

Weight Shift Harness

The weight-shift harness is the harness you use on the Flat Top Paramotor.

It extends out the comfort bars 3 inches on both sides of the pilot giving you more weight shifting ability and more room inside the harness.

With the Weight Shift Harness pilots have 22 inches of room inside the harness vs the 16-inch standard harness.

This is a “MUST HAVE” option for every pilot.

99% of Flat Top pilots use the Weight Shift Harness.

Reserve Parachute

The Flat Top Paramotor comes with 2 reserve parachute options.

Super Mini Reserve:

  • 3 Pounds
  • Under 200-pound pilots
  • Designed to open quickly
  • $1,100

Super Rescue Reserve:

  • 5 Pounds
  • Over 200-pound pilots
  • Designed to bring you down gently 
  • $1,100

Having a reserve is not “required” but is highly suggested.

Dominator Paraglider

The Dominator paraglider is one of the safest paragliders ever created, while also being one of the top-performing paragliders in the world.

It is designed to be both easy to use and safe for new pilots, and fun for more experienced pilots.

The Dominator paraglider comes in sizes ranging from 14m to 35m.

Please speak directly with us to help you choose the right sized Dominator for you.

Stuffed Bag

The Stuffed Bag is the bag we use to store the Dominator when not in use. It is lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

The Stuffed Bag is a * must-have* item.

Training Discount

Super Training is $4,500, however, $1,000 of that is credit/discount we give you towards the equipment.

Which means whenever you make a purchase we give you that $1,000 towards the gear.

Making the true cost of Super Training only $3,500.

Upfront Discount

We offer a $600 discount if you order all of the equipment upfront before the training. 

Most students order all of the equipment upfront so they can get the $600 off on the gear.



Shipping anywhere mainland United States is only $450.

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the United States varies.

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If you’d like to learn more about the Flat Top Paramotor package and learn how you too can get into this sport, call Dell personally. We are old school and believe that talking to a real person is the easiest way to learn about things!

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