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Air Trike Details

34 Pounds

The new 2021 Air Trike weighs in at only 34 pounds! The Air Trike is built to be a perfect balance of being super light as well as super strong. The new Air Trike is reinforced and stronger than previous models! The coolest part about the Air Trikes weight is that you don’t have to have a larger motor or glider to fly it!

Easy To Put Together

The Air Trike was designed to be “stupid simple” to put together and take apart! The reason we worked so hard on that is so you can take it apart and put it together quickly. By making it easy and quick to put together it means pilots can break it down and store it in their car or house when they are not using it.

Easy To Use

The Air Trike was made to be “stupid easy” to fly! No complicated techniques, just simple and easy flight.

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Easy To Attach

The Air Trike attaches to the Flat Top Paramotor with only 4 bolts in as little as 5-10 minutes. No long and complicated way of attaching it… 

The Air Trike is so easy to attach and take off that you can switch back and forth from Trike to foot launch within minutes.

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More Capable

By adding wheels to your paramotor it changes a lot. Since weight is no longer an issue you can carry the full 5 gallon capacity on the Flat Top increasing your flight time to 4 hours.

By attaching a trike it also means you no longer have to launch perfectly into the wind! Since the wheels can roll at any speed you can launch whichever direction and land whichever direction you want.

Don’t Need Any Additional Things

Since the Air Trike is only 34 pounds it means you don’t need an additional paramotor or paraglider. You can fly it with the same glider and motor as you would foot launch.

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Air Trike Price

The Price of the Air Trike is $2,695

Shipping in the US is roughly $125.


How To Order One

Ordering an Air Trike is simple. Give us a call and we can help you out!

Call To Order: (800-707-2525) 

The Air Trike is more than just a trike. It is a new world of possibilities. Crafted out of the finest of carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel. 

You don’t even have to run one step…

The Air Trike is a breath of fresh air and will roll you right into the sky before you even know it. It allows you to do things way easier than with your feet…   

You don’t need to launch into the wind and you don’t need to land into the wind! You launch and land whichever way you feel like that day. How? Because the Air Trike can roll at whatever speed it needs to in order to get into the air. Even a tailwind is no problem at all for Air Trike pilots. 

The Air Trike makes launching easier than you could ever imagine. No matter how terribly crooked your wing comes up, you just keep rolling forward, correct the wing, and launch right into the sky. I know from first-hand experience just how nice it is to be able to recover a terribly crooked wing…  It is far more forgiving than foot launching and quads.

The Air Trike is easier to attach then you would think. It is only 4 bolts. You simply push the trike into the Flat Top and bolt it on. People even like myself, who are no good with tools don’t have any problems attaching it! Plus, no matter how hard you fly, it won’t come off! Trust me… We have tried…

Putting the Air Trike together is not rocket science either. It is only 4 pieces and a few bolts. It is so easy you don’t even need any instructions. Even if we included instructions you probably wouldn’t read it anyway!

The Air Trike is quite literally as light as air.

Through an extensive amount of research and testing of different materials and designs, the Air Trike is so light you won’t even know it’s there. It only weighs just over 34 pounds.

The Air Trike dramatically changes what you are capable of doing. You can easily attach a secondary tank and fly farther than you ever have before. Since you have wheels and the Air Trike has a convenient luggage bag, you can carry as much weight as you want.

Cross country, fly camping, and an in-flight picnic is easier than ever before with the Air Trike.

You could literally fly across your entire state and back.

You will be able to take a full 6-gallon gas tank in your luggage bag in addition to your 5-gallon dual tank set up. This will literally extend your range by more than triple!

Now, if you want to go camping, you can bring everything! Smores, hot dogs, eggs, and everything else you would ever want while camping. Since you don’t have to run with the weight, you can carry far more than you’ll ever need.

The best part is, you can fly smaller Dominators too. Since you don’t have to run, you can launch wings that otherwise you wouldn’t be able too.

It doesn’t just change flying, it changes everything!

The best part is, you don’t have to do any running!

The Air Trike is priced for everyone. It comes in at only $2,695.

Get yourself one today or learn more by calling our office at (800) 707-2525

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