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The Largest Paramotor Training In The World.

Super Training is focused on building student’s overall skills making flying paramotors safer and more fun!

Super Training is the ultimate paramotor training school in the world. Learn the exact techniques that the best paramotor pilots in the world use to fly.

Super Training is taught by Dell Schanze out of Corpus Christi, Texas where he takes you from a complete noob to an incredible pilot in 10-days!

At Super Training you will master control of the paraglider by building REAL muscle memory and reflexes controling the paraglider.

At Super Training our #1 focus is on teaching our students true glider control. Because of this, many of our students have set WORLD RECORDS in their first 10-days.

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Super Trainings History Of Success

  • 20+ Years Training Paramotor Pilots We have been running successful paramotor training classes since the early 2000s.
  • Over 600 Pilots Trained Over the past 20 years, we have successfully trained over 600 students.
  • Proven Curriculum For Training New Pilots Over the years of teaching pilots how to fly, we have developed a proven curriculum for success.

3 most important things to consider.

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1. The Location.

You hear it all the time in real estate “location, location, location.”

It’s the same with paramotor training!

Where you learn to fly is the MOST important factor to take into consideration.

Super Training is run only out of Corpus Christi, Texas.

We drive from Salt Lake City, Utah where we are located, for over 3 days to get to Corpus Christi, Texas just for Super Training.

We Don’t drive that far because we WANT TO, but because we HAVE TO.

The location you learn at determines one MAJOR factor…


When learning to fly a paramotor, you’re actually learning to fly a paraglider.

The only way to learn to fly a paraglider is to practice controlling it on the GROUND.

You can’t learn to fly a paraglider in the air.

You need to get anywhere between 25-60 hours practicing controlling the glider on the GROUND.

You NEED to build real muscle memory and reflexes controlling the paraglider and the only way to do that is by practicing.

Ground control, also known as kiting, is what you see in all our training videos!

In order to get real ground control practice, also called glider control practice, you need about 7 mph or consistent smooth wind.


So you have two options:

1. Use the wind naturally created for you.

2. Create your own wind by running.


I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to try and do is sprint 7 mph for 8 hours a day…

We run the training out of Corpus Christi, Texas because we know it is simply not possible to get the training you need anywhere else.

Trust me, we would LOVE to do the training in Utah…

2. The Instructor.

As the sport of PPG or Powered Paragliding continues to grow, more and more people are claiming to be “instructors”.


There are “Instructors” out there teaching people when they themselves do not know how to fly. They might be able to get into the air, but do they actually know how to fly? NO!
The scary thing is, people, fall for it! There are people out there who spend thousands of dollars, weeks worth of time, and valuable energy attempting to learn from these people.
You do NOT want to be attempting to fly from some JOE BLOW down the street.

There is only ONE real paramotor pilot you want to learn from.

Dell Schanze.

Heres Why:

Dell has been flying for over 20 years. In a sport as new as PPG 20 years in a LONG TIME. He got into flying paramotors before it was even a thing.

Through Dell’s persistence, he spent years and piles of money attempting to learn from all of the top pilots. He quickly learned that NO ONE knew what they were doing and had to formulate his own flying techniques through trial and error and now teaches his methods.

Dell Schanze is one of the TOP pilots in the ENTIRE world. No one has done more in terms of flying then Dell Schanze himself. Over 20 years he has over 11,000 flights and thousands of hours airtime every year. Dell Schanze has flown, tested, and tried everything there is to do in PPG and lives to tell.
There is no one more qualified then Dell to be teaching PPG. He has through over 15 years of training developed a tested and PROVEN structure to training students from NOTHING into an EXPERT in only 10 days. He has trained over 600 students and his student’s skills speak for themselves. Videos populate Youtube of Dell’s students flying better than competing schools instructors.

3. The Curriculum and Results. 

At our 10-day flight school Super Training you are going to learn all the necessary skills to ensure your safety and success in flying.

The most important thing you are going to learn is glider control.

Glider control is being able to easily, effortlessly, and perfectly control the paraglider at all times. 

The key to mastering control of the paraglider is by practicing it.

At Super Training, students will be practicing every technique of glider control to ensure their ability to master control.

Students will spend upwards of 60 hours practicing their control of the glider.

Students will develop skills, reflexes, and muscle memory guaranteeing their ability to control their glider without fail. 

Being able to control your glider at all times increases how fun, easy, and enjoyable flying a paramotor is.

Without proper control, pilots will constantly be breaking their gear, failing their lanches, and crashing on landing.

Super student’s skills allow them to quickly progress and minimize their blown launches, broken gear, and rough landings.

Their ability to easily launch and land allows them to fly anytime, anywhere, and do anything they want.

Flying is a different sport for Super Students.

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Why is training so important?

Why Super Training Over Other Schools?

Super Training is the ONLY paramotor school that teaches REAL glider control.

You’re not flying a paramotor…

You’re flying a paraglider!

All the paramotor does is push you into the sky.

At Super Training our #1 focus is on teaching you TRUE glider control.

True glider control is NEVER EVER EVER losing control of your glider.

Losing control of your glider can get UGLY AND FAST…

That’s when people get hurt.

You’re getting into paramotors to have fun flying paramotors, but without glider control skills you’ll never be able to get into the air.

Without TRUE glider control, you are at the mercy of whatever your glider and the wind decide to do.

Without true glider control, you will constantly be losing control of your glider.

Making launching, nearly impossible…

And when you do get in the air, you’re at serious risk.

One of the most important parts of mastering true glider control is learning to prevent collapses.

When your glider collapses, it can be BAD.

Collapses are when people get hurt, or worse…

By building real glider control skills, muscle memory, and reflexes your chances of taking a collapse are near ZERO.

At Super Training we invest anywhere between 25-60 HOURS teaching you EXACTLY how to control the glider.

Our goal is getting our students to a MASTER level of control.

When students graduate Super Training they have skills untouchable by competing schools INSTRUCTORS…


Glider control is more than just for the pilot’s safety. It also determines how much fun you will have.

Being grounded because you simply cannot keep control of your glider long enough to launch SUCKS.

Even worse is when you break equipment simply because you cant keep control of the glider…

The reality is, we are the ONLY paramotor school teaching REAL GLIDER CONTROL.

Other schools simply DON’T TEACH YOU real glider control.

WHY? Because it costs a lot to spend 60 hours of time teaching a class of students. 60 hours of training use on equipment is costly. And unless you have a high volume of students it’s not possible.

And, they simply don’t know how too.

Students who come through Super Training leave with skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. They have true skills, muscle memory, and reflexes controling the paraglider allowing them to safely and successfully fly!

Glider Control FIRST.

You HAVE to master control of the glider FIRST.

It can be VERY dangerous to start flying before you have mastered control of the glider.

By learning how to control the glider FIRST, you build real muscle memory and reflexes.

By doing this, you then have the skill to PREVENT collapses from happening.

You do NOT want to hanging bellow the glider in the air without having even the most basic ability to control the glider.

At Super Training, our #1 focus is on teaching students REAL GLIDER CONTROL.

Everyone NEEDS Training.

Flying a paramotor is not as easy as it looks.

There are a lot of little things that you NEED to know how to do before you ever take your first flight.

And without proper instruction and guidance, you are at SERIOUS risk of getting hurt.

You NEED to have proper training before you EVER take your first flight.



At Our 10-Day Flight School, Super Training, we make our student’s safety our #1 priority.

We ensure our students are never in situations they are not ready for.

Every student has trained help available at all times during the entire 10-day training.

Students will only fly when it is safe to do so.

We require a high level of skill prior to the students first flight.

If the student has not reached the level of skill to be safe, we will not fly them.

Super Training is the only school that does not guarantee you will fly.

This is for YOUR SAFETY.


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How does super training work?

Super Training Steps

Our 10-day flight school, Super Training, is located on the beautiful beaches of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Step 1: Arrive in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Step 2: The foundation of training starts with glider control.

Step 3: Practice, practice, practice!

Step 4: Once students have gotten the skills needed to take their first flight, we guide them into the sky!


Housing: We provide you with 11 nights lodging in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Transportation: We provide rental cars for students to use for the entire 11-days.

Equipment: We provide gliders, harnesses, helmets, radios, paramotors, gas and more. 


Super Training is one of the ONLY schools that provides FREE use of all our top of the line training equipment.

Students DO NOT have to worry about bringing any equipment to train with at Super Training.

We provide you with EVERYTHING you need when learning how to fly.

Paragliders, paramotors, helmets, radios, harnesses, gas and more are all covered by US!


At Super Training we are SO CONFIDENT in our ability to train you that we cover 100% of the damages done to any of our equipment.

This one thing ALONE is worth more than the entire cost of training.

The LARGEST hidden cost in other paramotor training schools is the cost of repairing their equipment.

Not only do we provide the equipment but we pay for any damages you do to it. 

Learn More About Super Training.

Receive behind the scene access to what makes Super Training special.

super training details

Super Training Price:

Super Training is only $4,500.

$2,000 of that $4,500 is credit you can use towards equipment at any time before, during, or after training.

Included With The Cost:

11 Nights Lodging
Rental Cars
Unlimited Equipment Use
$2,000 Equipment Credit
100% Of Equipment Damages Covered


2021 Class Dates:


January 15-26
April 2-13
June 11-22
August 13-24
November 5-16


Classes are limited to 12 students and usually book up 30-60 days in advance.

Package + Training:

Super Training $4,500.00
Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Training DISCOUNT -$2,000.00
Upfront Discount -$600.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $15,544.00

Learn More About Super Training.

Receive behind the scene access to what makes Super Training special.

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Learn More About Super Training.

Receive behind the scene access to what makes Super Training special.

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