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Paramotor Super Training

Learn to fly from the safest paramotor training school in the world.

Training With Dell Schanze.

Dell Schanze started teaching people how to fly as early as 2002. Since then he has refined and perfected a simple step by step process to take anyone from a complete “noob” to a “master” pilot in as little as 10-days! Dell’s system works so well that many of his students have gone on to become world champions!

Super Training is unlike any other paramotor training out there. At Super Training we are hyper-focused on building your skills first and foremost. Super Training’s curriculum and structure is catered towards building real skills, not the “fufu” stuff you don’t really need to know.

Check out our training for yourself:

What We Teach:

At Super Training we focus on teaching students the most important skill you MUST HAVE to fly safely – Glider Control.

In addition, we also teach you:

  • Gear Setup And Maintenance
  • Weather
  • Launching and Landing
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Where You Can And Cannot Fly
  • A Full Understanding Of The Dynamics
  • And More!


What Is Glider Control?

Glider Control is the single most important skill you need when learning to fly a paramotor… Nothing else matters if you don’t know how to fly that glider.

In short – glider control is the pilot’s ability to control the glider. Without proper training and a lack of glider control skills, flying will be much more difficult.

At Super Training we spend 25-100 hours with you hands-on teaching you every step of glider control. You have to build the glider control skills into muscle memory and reflexes before you ever strap a motor onto your back.

In order to build the needed muscle memory and reflexes, you must spend time actually practicing!

Once you have built the muscle memory and reflexes flying will be easy and FUN!

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Where We Train:

We run our training school out of Corpus Christi, Texas!

That particular location offered the absolute best possible training location you can get. Optimal wind, weather, and a nice beach to practice on.

The reason we travel from SLC, UT where we live to Texas is not because we “want to” but because “we have too” and here’s why.

The training location is a major contributing factor because in order to learn to fly you need wind to practice in.

And you’ll need to spend about 25-100 hours practicing which means you need up to 100 hours of smooth and consistent wind.

The problem with a location like Utah, or any other state inland, is that the wind just doesn’t blow all day every day like it does in Texas!

Which means in a 10-day class in Utah you might only get 2-5 hours of real practice when you NEED 25-100 hours of practice.

Which is why we only do the training in Corpus Christi, Texas where we can spend all the time we need actually practicing.

Because again, you need to build the muscle memory on how to fly the glider to be safe. Which requires lots of practice. Which requires perfect conditions. Which requires the right location!

Once you have built the skill at Super Training you can easily return home and fly without problems. You only need the perfect location to build the skills. Once you have them you can fly anywhere.

Your Instructor, Dell Schanze:

One of the most important aspects to consider when getting into the sport is who you learn from! At Super Training, you will be learning from the #1 and #2 pilots in the world, Dell Schanze and Trevor Steele.

Dell has been flying paramotors since 1998 when they weren’t even a thing really! He quickly progressed in skill and soon became one of the top paramotor pilots in the world. Over the last 22 years he has gone on to become a top pilot across the world and can do things that other people couldn’t even come close to doing.

In the last 11,000+ flights Dell Schanze has had, he has developed a skillset unmatched by anyone else. 

He is also extremely good at helping the “noobs” of the sport understand it quicker, build the skills quicker and be a whole lot safer too!

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Fill out the form below to receive additional information about Super Training, the Flat Top Paramotor, and the Dominator.

Or call (800-707-2525) to speak directly with one of our instructors!

20+ Years Of Teaching

We have trained a lot of people throughout the years and we are always seeking out criticism to improve the training. Over the last 20+ years and 700+ students, we have worked it into an exact science. A copy and paste system we use every class to make our students “superhero’s” of the sky in only 10-days!

To keep up classes smaller and more personal for students we only take 12 students per class. That way Dell and the other instructors can spend enough time with each student to build those “superhero” skills! We typically fill up each class about 30-60 days in advance. 

How Super Training Works:

Super Training is simple!

To register for Super Training you call us and put a $1,500 deposit down which guarantees you a spot in any of our future classes.

Then 30 days prior to the training class we ask for the remaining balance for the training.

You fly into and out of Corpus Christi International Airport.

Once you arrive in Corpus Christi, Texas you either call: (800-707-2525) or text (801-599-1684) and we will pick you up from the airport!

Once we do that we take you to the training facility and lodging!

Training will officially begin the day after everyone arrives!

What’s Included:

  • 11 Nights lodging 
  • Rental cars
  • Unlimited equipment use
  • FREE unlimited training after your first class
  • $2,000 credit towards equipment
  • 24/7 Access to our instructors

OUR GUARANTEE – At Super Training if you damage any equipment we pay for it not you. We are so confident in our training that even if you break 10k worth of gear, we pay for it, not you. 

Class Schedule:

Super Training 2021 class schedule:

  • January 15-26 (FULL)
  • April 2-13 (FULL)
  • June 11-22 (FULL)
  • September 10-21
  • November 5-16

To keep classes more personal for each student we limit the class to only 12 students. We typically book up 30-60 days in advance.



Super Training cost – $4,500

However, $2,000 of that is credit we give you towards equipment.

Which means whenever you make a purchase we give you that $2,000 towards the gear making the true cost of the training only $2,500.

And that includes everything listed above.

Package Pricing:

Super Training $4,500.00
Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Training DISCOUNT -$2,000.00
Upfront Discount -$600.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $15,544.00

Age & Weight Requirements:

One of the coolest parts about paramotors is that almost ANYONE can do it! Male, female, old, young, fit, fat, and everything in between can fly paramotors!

We get students of all ages! From 12 years old to 73 years old.

We have students who are 100 pounds to 325 pounds in the class.

As long as you are ready to sweat a little you will have no problem becoming a pilot!

How To Get Started:

To sign up for Super Training you simply give us a call and we help you reserve your spot! 

Call: (800-707-2525)

What Our Students Have To Say!

Super Training is a true “No Brainer” for anyone looking to get into flying paramotors!

“All the way from the UK
I would not hesitate in recommending whatsoever I went out for 10 days of training in November 2019 the training is phenomenal I have learned so much As a newly qualified free flight paragliding pilot my main reason for going out was for glider control the skills I have now would give MOST a run for their money. Super Training all the way”

Super Tony

“By far the best paramotors, paraglider, and training ever in this sport. Dell is so knowledgeable about everything and trains you to really have incredible skills. His gear is top notch and nothing can come anywhere near as good.”

Super Trevor

“I have over a year on the flat top now. I love it. I have abused and crashed and done everything you can imagine on the thing. It’s incredibly durable incredibly safe and so much fun”

Super Tyler

If you want to take to the skies confidently with the safest overall configuration possible then Flat Top Paramotors and Super Training are essential. The gear is robust, light, and masterfully crafted yet simple enough for a child to operate and maintain. Some of my fondest memories are my first flights, the lifetime of friendships, and the wealth of knowledge I’ve tapped into. Most like a runner isn’t worried about their shoes during a race I don’t have to worry about a Flat Top during flight. A million thanks to Super Dell, Super Trevor, and family for the gift of flight and Super powers!

Super James

“Dell and Trevor did not only trained me very well, but inspired me to become a focused and safe pilot through the right and diligent training to be able to master the glider through all kind of wind and weather conditions. Also after the training I was and I still am always very well taken care of for all kind of help, questions or equipment which I had and still have.”

Super Miguel

I was trained by Trevor and Dell about 5 years ago. At that time I bought a Flattop Ninja and a Medium Dominator wing. Since then I’ve bought a second motor and a XXS wing. I fly with confidence nearly every week back home in Upstate NewYork. I have never had any issues with my equipment. It has been rock solid. And I have the skills that give me confidence to fly alone in all kinds of conditions. In my opinion, it’s the best training and equipment out there.

Super Andy

Amazing!!! Thank You Dell Schanze and the Super Training team!! What an awesome 10 days you get to experience with the best paramotor pilot “alive” you will get to learn how to keep complete control of your glider which give you the confidence you need to keep safe and having fun while gaining more experience in the sky. No skills = fear and trust me it will be scary as f..k up there all alone in the sky without the proper knowledge and skills you get drilled into you during super training. “Seriously get Super Training” and the best safest gear!! Highly recommended!!

Super Jimmy

“I have been flying my FlatTop with a Vittorazi 185cc for approx 7 years now. I am thoroughly impressed with the construction methods utilized on this durable unit. This paramotor has set the industry standard for safety features and will continue to save lives. If you are looking for the safest of units out there then look no farther!”

Super Allen

I am farily new to the sport of Paramotoring, but not entirely new. I have gone through several iterations of training and yes Dell Schanze and Flattop Paramotors is one. I originally owned a Parajet Maverick. It seemed to be a good Paramotor until I had a hard landing which made me re-think everything I had learned about the sport to that point. Long story short to me the Maverick is flimsy compared to the Flattop. I was told before all this that the Flattop was just a big heavy tank. Well my Flattop weighed in when I unboxed it at exactly 56lbs. My Maverick weighed in at 54lbs. Not a big difference. However the strength of the Flattop is unparalleled to the some 15-18 Paramotors I have looked at since. It seemed a bit bulky at first because it is built to give you protection under the seating area and it is a bit wider than the others I have seen and it has fixed hang points with comfort bars instead of swing arms. Once I learned how to adjust the harness that does not have as much padding as the Maverick the bulkiness of the Flattop seemed to diminish a lot. Then once I got good control of the glider, once it was overhead there was no difference than my previous Paramotor. Not until I got into the air. The comfort was the same if not better, because I did not feel trapped in the harness, I have plenty of room to move around and to my discovery this ability and room gives me a lot more control of the glider without the need of a lot of brake input. This weight shift authority seems a lot better than my previous paramotor as when I used weight shift before I really had to lean into it because the swing arm would come up and cancel out some of my lean input. Not so with the fixed comfort bars of the Flattop, and shifting is easy as all I need to do is use my elbows to pull me over to the side I need and they just happen to be right there at the comfort bars. The fixed comfort bars also make me feel more secure in the harness than previously. During training I saw the flattop get dropped, turtled and go through hard landings. Not one of them was damaged at all. Not the frame, not the prop and not the pilot. The new Minari 200R motor really seems to outshine my previous Vittorazi 185 plus. It is easy to crank, easy to tune, and the break in was a breeze. It also seems to have more thrust than my Vittorazi did. All in all the more I get to use my Flattop the more I like it. Especially compared to my previous experience. Like I said at the first of this review, I am fairly new and I am no paramotor guru, nor do I claim to know a lot, I am just giving my personal opinion based on my experiences in the sport and I am well aware of all the differences in opinion about the Flattop. I had a life changing incident that made me re-think everything about the sport and safety became top priority to me and my new perspective allowed me to see through all the differences in opinion out there and make a decision based off of my own needs and thoughts and leave the differences where I found them on various web sites. In the end I am very happy I went with the Flattop. It’s fits my needs and gets me into the air.

Super Sean

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