A Paramotor Built With Safety In Mind.

The Flat Top 200R.

Pounds Dry

Hours Flight Time

Pound Capacity

Mile Range

Foot Takeoff Distance

Foot Landing Distance

The invention of paramotors is hands down one of the best inventions in history. Having the ability to effortlessly run into the sky is something most people dream of their entire life! Now thanks to the innovation and advancements of the Flat Top Paramotor anyone from the ages of 10-70 can safely enjoy flying without all the hassle of traditional aviation!


One of the biggest advantages to paramotors is that you don’t need a license and there are very few rules you have to follow! With traditional aviation, you have to get your pilot’s license, take annual or bi-annual checkups, medicals, and more. However, with a paramotor, you don’t have to do any of that! We are free to enjoy flying on our terms!


2022 Flat Top 200R Specs


  • 56 Pound dry weight (25.4 Kg)
  • 71.75 Pounds wet weight (32.54 Kg)
  • 2.5 Gallon standard gas tank (9.46 Liters)
  • 5 Gallon optional gas tank extension (18.92 Liters)
  • 2-4 Hour flight time
  • 50-100 Mile range (80-160 Km)
  • 51 Mph top speed (82 Kph)
  • 20-40 Mph average cruising speed (32-64 Kph)
  • 700-1200 FPM climb rate (depends on many variables)
  • 50-100 Feet takeoff distance (depends on variables. Can be as little as 1 foot)
  • 10-30 Feet landing distance (Again can be as little as 1 foot)
  • 600 Pound max capacity (272 Kg)
  • 200cc Minari F1 2-stroke engine
  • 29 Horsepower
  • 58 x 58 x 35 Inches built up (139.7 x 139.7 x 88.9 Cm)
  • 5-15 Mph stall speed (8-24 kph)
  • 500 Hour engine life
  • 2-5 Minute assembly and disassembly time
  • Packs down small enough to fit into a large hockey bag
  • Built out of T6 Aircraft grade aluminum all sourced in the United States
  • Laser-cut and welded by an actual aircraft mechanic
  • Manufactured and assembled in SLC, Utah (not outsourced. All made in-house) 
  • Powder Coated for additional strength after welding
  • Full-time team and help available 24/7
  • Been in production since 2005 and have produced thousands of units
  • $7,995 Base price (see full price breakdown below)
  • $6 Operating cost per hour


The Flat Top Paramotor is a true “no-brainer” for new pilots looking to get into a high-quality, durable, and safe all-around paramotor.


If you’d like to learn more, ask a specific question, or place an order for a Flat Top Paramotor, give us a call and speak directly to our team!

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Flat Top Paramotor SAFETY.

Crumple Zone: The first major focus on the Flat Top was on spinal protection. The Flat Top is built with 18 inches of specially designed aluminum under the pilot’s butt that act’s as a “crumple zone.” Just like in a car, the crumple zone crushes, crumples, and soaks up energy away from the pilot on a hard impact. The Crumple Zone acts like a giant airbag that soaks up and absorbs energy away from the pilot.

Faceplant Protection: The second major focus was on faceplant protection. A very common mistake new pilots make is falling forward onto their faces. Once they fall they are crushed by the entire weight of the paramotor and possibly the power of the paramotor. Pilots can be crushed by up to 90 pounds of paramotor and 180 pounds of power. The Flat Top was built with 16-inch solid aluminum comfort bars that stick out in front of the pilot and keep all the weight from landing on them.

Propeller Protection/Netting: Too commonly paramotors are designed with weak, flimsy, and poorly secured, fishnet style netting. Due to the weak design of the netting and cage, pilots can easily get their hands and limbs into the propeller. The Flat Top is built with tightly woven kevlar netting that is riveted onto a secured dual looped cage. The force required to flex the propeller into the netting is enough to snap the propeller in half.

Quick Release Harness: A very serious risk for paramotor pilots is landing in water. It is very tempting to play low over the water and perform acro over the water. It is even a lot of fun to foot drag perfectly smooth water. However, if you are to end up in the water you need to be able to get out of your harness quickly. With the Flat Top 200R’s quick-release harness system, one pull and pilots can be out of their harness.

Secured Hang Points: The Flat Top 200R is built with 22 inch wide secured hang points reducing the pilot’s ability to get riser twists. In addition to reducing the pilot’s ability to get riser twists, the Flat Top 200R’s hang points are also at certified height. Because they are at the certified height it reduces the pilot’s ability to stall or spin the glider.

Other Details:


Maneuverability: The Flat Top 200R has the most incredible weight-shifting ability of any paramotor out there. Due to the 22 inch wide hook-in points, pilots can glide from side to side by simply shifting their weight in the harness.

600 Pound Capacity: The Flat Top 200R is powered by the Minari 200cc. This engine produces 29+ horsepower and 180 pounds of thrust. This is enough for the Flat Top 200R to carry up to 600 pounds.

56 Pounds: The Flat Top 200R weighs in at only 56 pounds dry. 

4+ Hour Flight Time: With the standard 2.5-gallon gas tank the Flat Top 200R can fly for over 2 hours. Add a secondary tank or dual tank and you get another 2.5 gallons for an additional 2+ hours of flight time.

Secured Hookin Points: With the Flat Top 200R, the pilot’s hook in points are attached to secured comfort bars. Since the comfort bars do not move like typical swing arm bars, it gives the pilot more control over their overall weight shifting ability and maneuverability. 

Taking Passengers: The Flat Top 200R is tandem ready without any modifications. It has more than enough power to carry a passenger up to 300 pounds.


Comfort: The Flat Top paramotor is one of the most comfortable ground and in air paramotors on the market. The lightweight design mixed with the perfect harness geometry and size makes the Flat Top comfortable for any size pilot! In air the harness sits like a bucket seat and holds you in the most comfortable configuration possible.

5 Piece Cage: The Flat Top 200R is constructed out of 5 separate cage pieces. This is not only extremely strong so when you trip and fall you don’t break the entire loop but also makes it easy to take apart and put back together! In as little as 1:56 (1 minute and 56 seconds) you can take the entire Flat Top apart! It also is capable of packing down small enough to fit into a hockey bag.

Dual Looped Cage: The Flat Top 200R’s cage is built with dual loops to increase the overall strength of the cage and frame. The secondary loop is placed directly behind the first one to reduce the overall drag. Single loop cages are only 1 pound lighter but WAY weaker. The secondary loop makes the cages WAY stronger which means you don’t have to worry so much about beating it up!

Throttle: The Flat Top 200R’s Throttle is built with a special safety guard so the trigger cannot press without gripping the throttle. This means the throttle cannot be pressed by mistake. It is also a trigger throttle that is pressed with your pointer finger giving you more fingers to firmly hold your brake toggle.

Handless Seating: The Flat Top’s harness is built to be as easy to get in as possible. Pilot’s do not need to let go of their controls to get into the seat. They simply lift their knees and slide back into the seat. It’s so easy to get into and out of that we don’t even need to explain how!

Strength Of A TANK: The Flat Top Paramotor is built out of aircraft-grade T6 aluminum both powered coated and heat-treated for maximum strength and minimum weight. Pilot’s don’t have to worry about breaking equipment if they trip and fall down.

2022 Flat Top 200R


To order the Flat Top Paramotor,


Call: (800) 707-2525


Email: PPGHERO@gmail.com

Package Pricing

Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $13,644.00

Package + Training

Super Training $4,500.00
Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Training DISCOUNT -$1,000.00
Upfront Discount -$600.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $16,544.00