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The World’s Safest Dominator  Paraglider.

The Dominator achieves record-breaking performance with beginner level safety.

Record-Breaking Safety And Performance.

The Dominator is the ULTIMATE paramotor and paraglider wing in the world! A perfect combination of safety, and performance makes the Dominator superior to other wings.

Even with the highest level of safety, it has record-breaking performance. 

A 51 MPH top speed, unmatched agility, extreme lift, 8-1 glide ratio, and more give the Dominator an edge over the competition.

It is a perfect wing for new pilots just looking to cruise or more experienced pilots looking for the top of the line performance.

It can be used for traditional paragliding, paramotoring, tandem flights, acro maneuvers, or just cruising around!

The Dominator is the biggest advancement in paragliding history and nothing has been able to beat it. There’s a reason that more people fly the Dominator than any other gliders!

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Safety you need.


The Dominator is extremely stall resistant. When flying you can pull as much brake as possible for upwards of 8 seconds without stalling the glider. This means that if you ever need to pull a lot of brake for any reason, you have a low chance of stalling the glider.

Collapse Prevention:

The Dominator is designed to NEVER collapse on pilots. Pilots can safely fly around knowing that their glider isn’t going to collapse out of the sky.


The Dominator is designed to be very predictable for pilots. Pilots can safely fly around knowing what their glider is going to do and respond from things. There is no wondering what it is going to do.

Collapse Recovery:

The Dominator is designed to recover from collapses faster than pilots can look up at their glider. Whether it’s a 50% or 100% collapse the Dominator will spring back into flight with or without any pilot correction.

Roll Stable:

The Dominator is one of few gliders that will self recover from an oscillation. When newer pilots get into oscillation, the Dominator will slowly flatten out for them.

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performance you want.


The Dominator has the best of both worlds. A good low range speed, and high range speed. When launching and landing it is slow enough to be easy, and when cruising it reaches record-breaking speed.

The Dominator set the speed record at 51MPH.

Glide Ratio:

The Dominator is one of the most efficient paragliders in the world. With this increased efficiency, it helps the Dominator achieve more performance, handling, speed, and safety.

The Dominator achieves close to a 9 to 1 glide ratio.


With the Dominator, pilots can easily perform almost every acro manuever there is all while maintaining the highest level of safety possible. The Dominator will allow you to progress in maneuvers without having to risk your life on unsafe gear.

A glider flew by professionals and newbies.

Roll Rate:

Roll rate is how much brake is needed to turn the paraglider turns side to side. With the Dominator, you can easily maneuver from side to side all without needing to pull excessive amounts of brake.  

Ease Of Launch:

The Dominator is made out of super lightweight material meaning it floats into the sky and stays up there making it easy to launch in difficult conditions.

Pilots can easily launch the Dominator in any conditions. 

Feedback and Feel:

The Dominator is designed to give the pilot a good understanding on what it is doing. As it is getting more heavily loaded the pilot will be able to feel it. Pilots are always kept in the loop on what is going on with their glider.

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Ready to fly a dominator?

Dominator Pricing:

The Dominator cost’s $3,800.

All Sizes cost the same.

Dominator Sizes:

5XS 14 sqm
4XS 16 sqm
XXS 19 sqm
XS 21 sqm
S 23 sqm
M 25 sqm
L 27 sqm
XL 29 sqm
3XL 35 sqm

Choosing the right size can be difficult and confusing but I have good news!


The best way to choose the right paraglider size for you is by calling Dell and asking him personally!


The Dominator can come in any custom color and combination for only $200 extra.

Package Pricing:

Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $13,644.00

Package + Training:

Super Training $4,500.00
Flat Top 200R $7,995.00
Weight Shift Harness $200.00
Super Rescue Reserve $1,100.00
Dominator Paraglider $3,800.00
Stuffed Bag $99.00
Training DISCOUNT -$2,000.00
Upfront Discount -$600.00
Shipping $450.00
Total: $15,544.00

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A true “No Brainer” for new pilot’s looking to safely cruise or more experienced pilots looking for more performance.

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