The Adventure Of A Lifetime!

3 Day’s of action-packed flying, flying, and more flying. Trevor’s Advanced training is the bridge between beginner-level training and SIV-level training. Focused on helping students build confidence, practice techniques with help, and improve their overall skills.

Who The Training Is For:

This advanced training is for the guy who is looking to get more out of his flying. It’s for the guy who finished Training and isn’t comfortable or confident flying on their own yet. It’s for the guy who needs a bit of a confidence boost. A guy who wants help mastering and perfecting the little things.

This training is a way for newer guys to get a little extra help in real world situations. This is a great way to build confidence, experience, and get help from our instructors.

This training is also a great way for more experienced guys to build more skill and improve their overall skill. It’s a great way to continue to progress and get better.

What The Training Covers:

 At this training we will be helping you with whatever it is that you need help with. We will help progress you from where you are currently at to as far as we can push. This training is NOT an SIV and we will not perform advanced acro.

We will teach:

  • Launching and landing techniques in more dynamic locations
  • Building confidence in turbulence
  • Trike training (if specially requested)
  • XC planning, mapping, and flying
  • Basic Mountain flying techniques
  • A basic understanding of wind, rotor, thermals and more

Where The Training Takes Place:

Training will be held in a few locations near Salt Lake City, Utah. We have over a dozen different places which opens up options for practicing different things. From easy and user-friendly locations to challenging locations.

Fly into Salt Lake City International Airport or drive into Salt Lake City.

Contact Trevor for exact addresses:



It is suggested that you bring your own equipment. If you can’t bring everything, the equipment can be rented for an additional $500. Please try to bring your own wing. If you rent equipment, any damages are to be paid for by you.




April 21-25
June 2-6
July 6-11
August 31 – September 5
October 5-10

Arrive the first day listed and leave the second day listed. Training will start the day after you arrive and finish the day before you leave.


Fly into Salt Lake City International Airport. You will be responsible for getting a rental car and hotel room. Get a hotel near Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Training is limited to 4 students per class.

$1,000 if you bring your own equipment
$1,500 if you rent equipment

How To Sign Up:

To sign up for our Advanced Paramotor Training, contact Trevor.

Call: (800-707-2525)