In order to learn to fly a paraglider you have to practice with it in the sky. 

You have to “kite” the glider which means practicing keeping the glider perfectly above your head while you’re on the ground.

To actually build the skills you need to practice for upwards of 25-60 hours.

You have to completely master control of the paraglider before you ever go flying. You can’t be losing control of the glider.

In order to actually practice you have two options.

  1. Create your own wind
  2. Use the wind created naturally

I don’t know about you but I would rather not have to run for 25-60 hours at 8 MPH…

That means you have to use the wind that is naturally created for you.

The only place where wind is constantly created for you is the beach. 

The water heats up faster than the land and creates wind blowing onshore consistently 365 days a year.

We have attempted training across all of California, Oregon, Washington, Florida and Texas.

We found through experience that Corpus Christi, Texas produced strong, smooth, and consistent wind nearly 365 days a year.

The west coast didn’t have enough wind for students to effectively train. We had no wind and light wind days more than we wanted.

Corpus Christi is over 1,500 miles one way and over 3 days of driving away from where we are located.

Trust me, we don’t drive that far because we want to. We would much rather go somewhere closer.

But, we drive that far because we KNOW just how important having the right wind is for learning to fly.

And we live next to one of the top 10 best paragliding sites in the entire world. The point of the mountain Utah.

Yet we still choose to drive over 1500 miles each way to get to Corpus Christi, Texas for training.

Have more questions about Super Training? Give our head instructor and #1 pilot in the world, Dell Schanze a call at (800) 707-2525