A recent photo was posted on the main paramotor group on Facebook that made me appreciate the Flat Top just a little bit more.

The photo was of a guys skull after his propeller had exploded and almost took his life.

After starting the paramotor his propeller flexed into the cage blowing the whole thing up.

The frame and cage are so weak that without any effort the cage and propeller struck each other.

Almost every paramotor is so poorly designed that the cage can flex right into the propeller.

In addition to that, they are designed so terribly that your hand can go right through the cage and netting.

The last thing ANY pilot wants is to get chopped up by the propeller.

A common mistake for any new pilot is to fall forward onto their face while trying to launch.

When they fall forward, they stick their hands out to catch themselves, and the propeller goes through the cage and chops up their hands.

NO one should have to deal with crap like that because of equipment failure.

The Flat Top is a totally different story.

Before Dell Schanze created the Flat Top, he watched a 17 year old girl get her hand into a propeller on a different unit.

After watching that he knew that he NEVER wanted that to happen on a Flat Top. EVER.

He was going to create a frame, cage, and netting that made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get anything into the propeller.

He did not want to have a cage that was weak enough that you could push the cage and propeller together. 

He did not want to have ANY gaps in the cage that were large enough to get hands through.

He did not want netting that was lose enough or wide enough that hands could get through and into the propeller.

And so the Flat Top was born.

The Flat Top Paramotor is built with tightly woven Kevlar netting that is riveted onto a dual looped aluminum cage and frame.

The only way to get the cage into the propeller is by breaking the propeller.

We know because we tried, and broke it.

The Flat Top is built with common sense in mind. 

It is designed to keep the pilots from being able to get any part of their body into the razor sharp propeller spinning 600 mph behind them…

Strong cage

Strong frame

Strong netting

The Flat Top Paramotor

Here is a very good demo video of the Flat Top’s strength:

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